Bay and beach Porat, Biševo island

Island of Biševo, except spectacular speleological attractions, such as the Blue cave or Medvidina cave, offers also beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches in the Porat bay, in the southern part of the island. It is a beautiful beach, which looks like those heavenly beaches what you have seen in various television commercials.

No need to travel to some distant exotic country to enjoy these beaches. Simply visit the island Biševo and the Porat bay. We can help you with that and we offer a boat trip or boat rental with a skipper. Dock in the Porat bay and enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters or just lay around on a beautiful beach. Most of the beach has natural shade because of the pine forest and due to its excellent location almost no wind. Along the beach there are restaurants, so you can and rest. This beach and the Porat bay will surely be remembered for a very long time.

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