Medvidina Cave (monk cave), Biševo island

Island Biševo is most famous for its Blue cave, but it hides one other caving pearl. That is Medvidina cave. It is located on the southeast side of the island. Many will immediately ask how this cave was named. The name has been given by its former main inhabitants, the Mediterranean monk seal. Medvidina cave has been protected from 1967. What is characteristic for this cave is its entrance, which is very wide, but it gets increasingly narrower as you penetrate deeper into the cave. The total length of the cave is 160 meters at the very end there is a little beach, but only small ships can reach the end.

Maybe it is not as popular as the Blue cave, but everyone who has visited were completely delighted. And surely you will be too, if you give it a chance. We offer a quick boat ride or taxi service so you could reach Medvidina cave quickly.

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