Nature phenomenon Blue Cave on Biševo island

Blue cave is located on the island of Biševo, specifically to the east, in the Balun bay. The depth varies in the range from 3 to 20 m. This beautiful cave can be entered through two openings. The smaller opening is made in 1884. and thats when the cave was open to the public. This smaller opening is sufficient only for passing of boats with paddles. On the south side of the cave there is a slightly wider aperture, but it is below sea level. Through this wider aperture sunlight penetrates and is reflected from the white bottom of the cave. Because of this reflection and rejection of light, the whole cave is filled with the color blue, which is why the cave carries this name.

About this wonderful phenomenon, Joško Bozanić, a poet and a scientist wrote a book, "The light in the stone". The book has been translated into Italian and English and is well accepted in the world. Because of this, the cave became really attractive for tourists from all over the world.
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