Stiniva beach, island of Vis

The island of Vis every year is getting more and more popular as a tourist destination. There are many reasons that tourists choose precisely this island for their summer destination. Beautiful and crystal clear waters, interesting cultural heritage, a great place to walk and enjoy the delicious food and drink and other. But if you look around at the special sights that can be seen on the island of Vis, almost everywhere you will come across a recommendation that you must visit Stiniva. Stiniva is a small narrow bay through which a smaller boat can pass and then you come across a beautiful eponymous beach. The entrance to the bay alone is only 100 meters wide, while the entire bay is 600 meters long. A sight that you will experience passing through the small opening will leave everyone breathless. You will come to a small hidden beach, surrounded by clear water. The value of this bay is evident when you come across the fact that it is protected as a nature reserve.

Since these bays and beaches are not accesible for you to come by yourself, unless you have a boat, let us take care of your transportation. We offer you a boat trip or taxi service. The beauty that you will experience there will not be forgotten for a very long time.

Our tours from Komiža to Stiniva