Green Cave, island of Vis

Not far from the island of Vis, an uninhabited little island of Ravnik is located. It is perhaps not so well known, but a natural attraction, which is located on the southwest coast of the island is much more famous. It is the Green cave. At the top of the cave there is a small opening. During the day, through the opening in the cave, Sun's rays penetrate and create almost unreal green color at the surface of the sea because of many green algae that are found on the bottom of the cliff. This is why the cave got its name.

Green cave is quite wide and has two entrances. You can enter it by small boat and we therefore offer a boat tour from Komiža to Green Cave or boat rental with skipper so you could really see the beauty of the cave for yourself. Arriving in the cave, you can take a swim because swimming is allowed, and all the while you can enjoy beautiful green light effects created by the sun's rays.

Our tours from Komiža to Green Cave